Apps I SWEAR BY when travelling solo

Are you ready for the risk of becoming a solo travel junkie? If so, read on about the best apps for successful solo travel.

Oanda currency converter

Oanda gives you access to daily filtered rates for more than 190 currencies. The app keeps frequently used currencies on quick access and uses a big-button keypad to quickly enter conversion amounts.

iStone travel translation

This app that will help you to not get lost in translation. Equipped with more than 300 useful phrases in 12 languages, it quickly comes up with the correct expression.

Maps me

This offline maps app allows you to navigate your way around a new place without the need to data or wifi. Before you get to a place, ensure you download the map for the city/ country/ town etc… you are going to. Once you are there it works just the same as google maps and points you in the direction you need to go.


Works much like google maps but can be more accurate and a little more efficient. If you are in any city around the world, this app will tell you how to get around.

Google translate

The “conversation mode” of Google Translate’s app can make your interactions with locals much more understandable. Be sure to adjust the lag time and prepare for some silly translations. Throwing in some hand gestures can make for a perfect communication strategy.

With this app you can also scan orthographically different languages. For example- scan a menu in Mandarin and it translates it for you into English.


If you are new to travelling alone and are perhaps a little worried about making friends, approaching new people or talking to people in your hostel, this app will allow you to identify like-minded travellers who will be in the same place as you at the same time.


If you want to feel what locals feel, use Localeur and you will get tips from those who really know it all. The list of cities available is growing every day.

Wifi map

Don’t want to pay for 4G abroad?? Wherever you are this app will tell you the free wifi spots! This was a LIFE SAVER for me in Japan.


Getting to your destination is half of the task – you still have to eat something in order to stay alive and full of strength for sightseeing. Foodspotting will help you find any food in local restaurants – literally any food. There’s absolutely no need to head for McDonalds.


If you want to know what percentage of the world you have visited this app will tell you. Simply add all the countries you have been to and it will give you a 3D-like rotation of the world with the countries you’ve been to highlighted. This is not a necessity but quite nice for anyone who travels a lot.

Hopper / skyscanner

If you want to save some cash on airfare (well, who doesn’t?), be sure to install Hopper or Skyscanner. Its mechanism is simple – it analyzes billions of airfares and companies on the daily basis, catching the optimal time for buying your tickets to basically anywhere. Have a specific flight destination? Use the “Watch a Flight” option on Hopper to catch the lowest price for it.

If you don’t have a specific date for your travel, there is a color-coded calendar on Hopper you will definitely enjoy – it shows the cheapest dates of the month.

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