Women of Colour Poetry Night 2017

I see that word hovering at the edge of your sentence,

Cautious. Hesitant. Avoiding my gaze.

The label you need to fit me into your catalogue of friends,




Yet, as I look at you now you don’t seem transparent,

The red in your embarrassed cheeks.

The hazel in your averted eyes.

The only things colourless here are your half-bitten fingernails.


I see that word trembling on the tip of your tongue,

Curious. Reluctant. Uneasiness growing.

The label that makes perfect sense to you,




Yet, as I look at you now you don’t seem double whatever I am

Two legs that

keep me walking proud.

Two eyes that

stare back at your darting pupils.

The only things half here are your half-witted questions.


I do not have a category where I place my friends,

Just a loving jumble of good times and loose ends.


You’re missing your 20/20 vision

Now from this position

You see with true precision


The people you meet

The things you behold

No longer blinded by sight

You’ve got to see with your soul


It’s like eating a fruit

You throw the peel to the floor

Drink the sweet juice

And spit the seeds out the door


People running their mouths

People playing their games

You see the truth now- we are all the same


Now this sweet juice that I spoke of

Just a moment before

Tastes like the loving-kindness

That came bursting through your door


The moment that you shut those eyes of yours

To what we’ve been directing towards


All our brothers and sisters

In this place called earth

closing your eyes

Was just like a rebirth


Like a renaissance

Of those times before

When you were the little kid

With the friend next door


All I wanted was for you

To come over and play

It didn’t matter that your skin

Was of a different shade


Now almost 20,

Outside our bubble of limits

Not wanting to listen to bubble’s language


In fits of laughter,

You place your hand on my leg


“Wow” you say

“Your leg … is so smooth… what… what is it?”


I thought about playing along

Answering with “It’s because of the melanin magic”

Or “kissed by the sun”


But the carefree in me decided against it

I rolled my eyes and turned to you.


“Coconut oil” I replied.

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Student Journalist, Creative Writer, Poet, Traveller, Eco Warrior

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