Copenhagen is amazing: Here are 11 reasons why

Copenhagen is fast becoming one of the must-visit destinations not just in the Nordics, but for people all across the globe. The city is buzzing at the moment with a mixture of great people, food and things to do and see. If you were on the fence about heading over there, I’ve put together a list that will finally convince you to pack your bags and go. I had a great weekend there and although there are many more reasons, here are 11 of the best to persuade you to visit Copenhagen:

Bikes are everything!

If ever a city was made to be enjoyed on a bike, then this is it. Danes take their cycling very seriously with entire parts of the road dedicated to safe cycling. Rows and rows of unlocked bikes quite literally left me speechless. There is so much trust in Denmark… but then again, if everyone has a bike I suppose nobody has the need to steal one?


Hard to describe unless you have seen it but this is a real life living hippie commune. They had their own rules for the 850 residents and the place was run under the “Christiania Law of 1989”. It’s like walking into another world!!!

You Are Always Beside The Sea

The whole capital is surrounded by the sea and you’ll only really appreciate it when you see it with your own eyes. Some call it the “Venice of the North”. Getting lost meant finding the sea and working our way out from there.img_5101

Rye Bread

Not sure why but the Danes LOVE rye bread. Spread a bit of avocado on it, slop on some cream cheese, rocket and veg and BAM – you have yourself a 14-pound restaurant meal. Seriously though… what is it with the Danes and Rye Bread?15420888_710857462413729_7776664245339298057_n

Everybody Speaks Perfect English

As ignorant as this sounds, unlike other countries where you will have to make an effort to speak to locals in their language you’ll find most Danes speak better English than you do! I’m always willing to make the effort… but have you heard the Danish language? You might as well quit while you’re ahead.

Because Of The Hygge

Oh yes the hygge! A hard concept to grasp but it essentially translates as cosiness and the Danes are mad about it. Usually involves candles, blankets and good friends.

Danes are the happiest people in the world

Countless studies say that the Danish are the happiest people in the world. They pay some of the highest taxes around but their healthcare, transport and lives are easier as a result. You’ll struggle to talk to anybody who isn’t superbly happy with their lot. Read The Almost Nearly Perfect People by Michael Booth to find out more…

Tivoli gardens

Slap bang in the middle of the city and one of the quaintest parks you will see in a city. Feels like walking into a movie or some sort of parallel universe. Wonderfully unique. At Christmas it is lit up with the MOST gorgeous lights. A friend of mine cried when she saw it; if that isn’t a true measure of its beauty I don’t know what is.img_5044img_5055img_5024img_5039img_5043

Incredible coffee

Making good coffee is all about precision, not rushing and clean simple processes… so I’m told? Given that the Danes are so good at all those things some of their coffee shops are absolutely outstanding. Disclaimer: I don’t drink coffee, in fact I hate the smell and the taste. Travelling with two self-confessed coffee aficionados confirmed to me how good Danish coffee is.

Drinks Outside In Nyhavn

The colorful buildings are home to some of the best restaurants and bars in the city and a wonderful place to have a few drinks in the summer or under blankets in the winter while people watching. This is all well and good until it starts raining on your food because the heating and gazebo just aren’t fit for the brunt of Danish winter weather.img_5004img_5015img_4980

The Old Architecture

Although the new modern shops and designs are amazing the Danes have been at this for hundreds of years so their old buildings and architecture are stunning and blends perfectly with the new.img_5099fullsizerenderimg_5096

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