With heat in Cuba

With heat coming up from the pavements

And banging on the walls of houses

With enough force to kill a man

With all of Cuba’s grown ups

Sitting shrill and tousled on the stoops

And all their children on the sidewalks

Or over the gutters hanging from balconies

As they pray for God to return to Cuba one day

Nurtured on black beans and rice

Schooled, taught,


about a revolutionary nirvana

Cuba cries out to me

Ernest Hemingway’s ghost sits in his office

Overlooking Havana

Smoking a cigar

Gulping, no. Downing rum

Still distressing his ladies

who came and went

With heat in Cuba

The heat of their people

Smiles cannot be turned upside down

Spirit can never be broken

You shall see it dancing in the streets…

From Havana, Matanza to Pinar del Rio

Beny, Prado and Celia’ songs

crack through heat waves

Guantaramera remixed with urban beat

Swings and sways through hips and arms

For when I am here

I shall dance in its streets

With this heat on this island Cuba

With heat pirouetting up from the pavements

And cavorting on the walls of houses

With enough energy to replace grief with glee

With this saucy, spicy, fierce heat

I would stay here forever

To swap lives with whoever…

Whoever wants to swap lives with me.IMG_2812FullSizeRender-48FullSizeRender-50

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Georgie Bolam View All →

Student Journalist, Creative Writer, Poet, Traveller, Eco Warrior

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