Sorry Grandad

Born out of love

Fostered in confusion

Came to stumble on pride and inner strength

I never knew what I was but I knew what I was not

I was not my Dad’s white intelligent runner

I was not my Mum’s black Barbadian lion

I am the small minded man’s fear

The fear of the unknown

The anonymous

The outsider

The fear of a perfect union of the oppressor and the oppressed

My Grandad’s want for that perfect Aryan granddaughter

Sorry Grandad,

But chocolate is your son’s favourite temptation…

My identity is not waiting to be claimed,

Not by a checked-off box or by society.

Grandad, do not accept me by your principles

Nor reject me by your standards

For I have a genesis and an identity

I’m a culmination of love and of your decades of hate

And proud to be.


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Georgie Bolam View All →

Student Journalist, Creative Writer, Poet, Traveller, Eco Warrior

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