Colours are my favourite colour

Coming home there may be red

Red, the colour of anger, from the words that we dread

When tears are shed, blue may be our colour

Or maybe some grey, little bit duller

Grey for when things seem hazy, our of our reach

Misunderstandings, the disagreements that we preach

At times, maybe some pink,

for the times when we feel sweet

Writing poems, buying flowers,

looking out for each other driving down the street

Some white, for when we are purely one, a single entity

One identity

And lastly, maybe a colour that can’t be defined

Clear like water, when we are neither mad nor kind

But that’s ok too

Because you have me and I have you

Clear for when we are together and quiet

Nothings said, nothings done

But we are happy and content as one

Malta, Barbados, France, Norfolk
Jerez, Spain 2016
I lied- orange is my favourite colour

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Georgie Bolam View All →

Student Journalist, Creative Writer, Poet, Traveller, Eco Warrior

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