Working at the Wimbledon Champs

Are you of the minority who actually find it interesting hearing about what it’s like to work at the Wimbledon tennis championships? Odd… but you’re in the right place.  So, what it’s like to work as a Food Service Assistant at the Media Kitchen during the Wimbledon Championships?FullSizeRender-26

The Media kitchen is somewhere you would expect to be teeming with famous reporters, journalists, presenters and camera men. Sorry to disappoint, but you’re right. Serving sushi to Andrew Castle, giving Carol Kirkwood the wrong change and having bants with Clare Balding and Sue Barker was, I must say, the highlights of my days there. Not only this, but I was able to gain a few journalist contacts, regardless of the fact I may have lost the numerous amounts of email and number scribbles on bits of customer copy receipts, it gave me a heightened sense of appreciation for the importance of just asking and talking to people. After all, the worse anyone could say to ‘could I get in touch with you some time?’ is ‘No.’

The camped out public in Wimbledon Park – how pretty is that row of tents though!?

The shifts were either 6:30am to 2:30pm or 2pm to 10pm. This was pretty sweet as you either had the morning off or the afternoon/evening off, although the mornings shifts were a struggle but they did go super quickly because it was always so busy. The Media Kitchen’s management team were absolute baes- every single one of them were ace at their job as well as being so kind, considerate and on it like a car bonnet- genuinely no doubt about coming back next year. Only downside of the job: serving food behind the grill made you feel red faced, faint and hot hot hot. Stood in front of a 90 degrees hot plate and behind the coal burning stove cooking steaks was not, at all, by any means, fun. Although time passed quickly, I had to make half hourly escapes to the walk in fridge just so I didn’t pass out.

Above all this, I also got to see a bit of tennis in my time there. On the first day of the championships I got to sneak in to see a women’s singles and in the second week with some bribery cake and my winning smile, I managed to get into centre court to see the men’s semis- literally the most intense tennis game I have watched- their talent makes me feel so inadequate (actually I’m awesome, never mind).

Above all, I just loved being in the midst of all the excitement. Seeing the public dress up for their ground pass to Wimbledon, seeing the press natter about the days’ matches and all in all just being able to work with such an incredible bunch of people and working as hard as I could was such a reward.

Living so close to Wimbledon Lawn tennis club is a blessing and seeing that money in my account by the end of it- even more so.

Just me on the penultimate day of work

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