Corner of England: Norfolk

(Disclaimer: photos have filters to make prettier…) 

“Keep Britain Tidy – chop off Norfolk and Cornwall!”

“Everybody’s second team is Norwich because they play such entertaining football.”

“A lot of flat landscape, the Wash, reclaimed land – these are things that London doesn’t have and will never have.”

“I’m thinking of opening up a Bakery in Norfolk. Apparently they are ‘into bread’ there.”

These are just some of the jokes that get knocked about in regards to Norfolk. Norfolk is, I suppose my third home, after London and Exeter. Despite the old people, flat land, incestuous jokes and the fact that every other house has a ‘Vote Leave’ sign on their front lawn, I’ve grown to like it… to an ostensibly average amount. My Dad lives there, with his wife and my Grandmother.

Just a street in Wells

This time round I was blessed with a rare disease (I’m kidding- it was just a gross infection) so I didn’t manage to do the things we usually do, such as the extreme high ropes course, kayaking, going for bike rides or runs along the coast.

Instead, we took a few walks along beaches and cliff tops and had a shopping trip in Norwich. All the homeless people in Norwich seemed to have some sort of possum-like animal each. I’m not sure if this was a scheme set up to get more people giving money to the homeless but they were super cute and it definitely worked for me.

Wells next the sea is well cute. If you are feeling frisky by all means swim in the sea, rent a beach hut and make a sand castle or for the other folk, you might want to walk in the woods behind the beach: beautiful dog walking location and just a place to escape and feel all spiritual and that…

There are some cute towns like Holt where you can buy some delightful trinkets that you will only use once.

I personally don’t think there is a whole lot to do in Norfolk as a young-un except for the things I’ve already mentioned… oh and there is a cute little cinema in Cromer and a shitty one in Fakenham. But otherwise, it’s just a nice place to go for some peace and quiet. Would I recommend? It can be a quaint and unique visit… It has some real beauties and some real uglies – You know… go if you have the chance.

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