Embargo Republica

(side note: I took these pictures before the club got busy- 10:30pm on a Friday night to be exact) 

FullSizeRender-11 copy
Cheeky body guard in the corner…

I ventured back to my home town, London, two nights ago. Instead of going home first, I managed to make it straight to a night out. What I seem to be ace at is cutting plans really fine- going from one thing to the other without taking a pause- this way you always have something to look forward to that is always just on your doorstep.

So reunited with some pals from school we began at the classic Putney Whetherspoons where they sell cheap drinks (CHEAP FOR LONDON, EXPENSIVE FOR ANYWHERE ELSE) and then we jumped on the 22 bus to King’s Road Embargo Republica club. We were considering getting Barclay’s bikes there but girls in dresses seemed to vote against that idea for some reason.

Embargo’s is an odd ball. Number one thing to know before you consider going: it’s ridiculously overpriced! I mean, understandably since the price to own a club in the Kings road must be utterly extortionate but nevertheless, nothing can justify buying two doubles for £23. Yup, you heard right. I’m shuddering at the thought of checking my bank balance… genuine fear is on my face right now even writing about it.

BUT this club is called Embargo Republica because… well you literally are in Havana, Cuba. I mean, I have never actually been to Cuba (YET), but there was a genuine sense of being swept away to the magnificent island itself. And as I love everything about Cuba- its history, language and food, this was my kind of place.


As you can see from this blog- I took more pictures of the club itself than the actual people I was with (awks). I probably looked like such a neek going around taking flash photos on my phone. I was genuinely mesmerised by the whole atmosphere- I literally didn’t stop going on about it all night.

Not only this, but it was located near where I used to live/ where my primary school is so it brought back some hard-hitting nostalgia for me as well.

Two things to know if you are considering going to Embargo: Get on the guest list and get there before 11pm for free entry (to avoid paying £15!) and drink up beforehand to avoid spending money on the drinks there that might as well be made of gold.

“Long live free Cuba”

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