Tick Tock’s


Exeter 2016

Thank you for a Tesco meal deal

A burger King chicken

A glistening penny

Denting my hat

The humdrum

humble natter

To pass my time

As it falls on my head from the passers by

I collect your tick tocks as I wait and want

for time to race by but also I dread

The sight of night and the sight of no bed

The sight of the brazen stare

The stare of want and no share

I make this message to the others

The others who clicked clicked clicked

With their heels

Who didn’t want to know me

When me was still me just on a floor

With no key, no door, just poor

Just falling short of the luck

The luck of the builder who tells me to

‘Get lost’

Head to the floor… as always

Your pace, it slightly quickens,

You’ve been taught to ignore, the faces of the stricken,

Walking past proudly.

You’ve been told I spent it on drink

Head held high as YOUR beer bottles clink,

A child reaches out, her mother pulls away,

Don’t touch that man,

it’s his choice to stay.

But only a child’s morality can be considered the perfect gage,

Instinctive and unbiased.

Yes, you have spare change.

Dirt builds in layers onto my clothes, my face and hands,

In the blur, my eyes disappear, I’m no longer a man.

You pass by, decide, why I live in this unsavoury style,

Your speculation, leads to conviction without me ever being on trial.

Each day the same, ignored again, my eyes searching desperately,

But I look untamed, society’s stain, so I sit and wait tentatively,

Easily forgotten and quickly dismissed, we are different it’s fair to say,

But as my breath quickens, understand this, the difference between us is,

one. bad. day.

Don’t worry about ignoring me

It’s funny actually

Seeing people pretend – you know I’m here

Nothing to offer? Just give me a smile

At least then you aren’t robot stomping on the only human left

It’s not obliviousness it’s guilt


Don’t feel guilty, you have no obligation,

Just fascination of a stranger in one place

With dirty clothing and rotting teeth

Give me what you want

Or give me nothing at all

I’m not here to beg

I’m here because I’m tired I got fired

From my family my life my job

I’m just here to sit and watch and give and

become an addict to all the tick tocks I have left

Exeter 2016

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Student Journalist, Creative Writer, Poet, Traveller, Eco Warrior

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